You have a financial plan for retirement... 

But do you have a plan for how you will invest your time?

Want to learn 5 simple steps to a fulfilling retirement?

  • Thinking of retiring? 
  • Worried what to do with all that time?
  • Already retired, but find yourself bored, disenchanted or sad and wondering if "this is all there is?" 

Too many people drift into retirement with no clear purpose, no idea how they will fill their time.

Success in retirement comes from having a plan...

  • You have health
  • You have money
  • You have time
  • And most importantly - you have CHOICE

Well planned, THIS will be the most dynamic time of your life!

  • What a great opportunity to live YOUR way
  • A time to find out what is fulfilling, fun and engaging
  • A time to make a difference in something you care deeply about
  • A time to share your wisdom, leave a legacy
  • A time for an encore career, to start a business or follow a new dream
  • Having a plan means better health, well-being and happiness

Hi, I'm Dhiresha Marshall...

I've been helping people retire well for years. As an ICF Certified Coach with trainings from Duke University and the Neuroleadership Institute, I have helped many successful people just like you create strategic plans for a rich, fulfilling and rewarding retirement. Interested? Let's chat! (919) 942-6670 or

Most people put more thought & planning into their 2 week vacation than their 10 to 30 year retirement...

It's a startling truth and a rude wake-up call when it comes time to retire. It happens all at once...

  • Your identity goes away
  • Your structure goes away 
  • Your social network goes away
  • Your challenge of achieving goes away
  • Your sense of purpose goes away

“Dhiresha assisted me in preparing for retirement and what to do next. Dhiresha's rapid results coaching approach was instrumental in assisting me to see possibilities that I would not have thought of as options. Coaching helped me not just with transitioning into retirement and planning for future activities, but with everyday life. I became more adventurous and developed new hobbies that I did not have to do before. With coaching, I developed the skills to see possibilities instead of problems. My life in retirement is rich and fulfilling thanks to Dhiresha." Cynthia, Retired PT Professor

You have contributed and achieved so much in your career and business for decades. You've strategized and planned for everything else in your business and life, so why not plan for what you're going to do and who you're going to be AFTER you retire?

Deciding to just take it easy and look at retirement as one long vacation just won't work. You have lived engaged, challenged and rewarded. It keeps your brain sharp, alert, and alive. Doing crossword puzzles or video games simply won't cut it! Bill Gates didn't just retire from Microsoft, he refocused and now lives a richly, rewarding life full of real challenges striving to create meaningful change in the world.

Success in retirement comes from knowing yourself, what you want and a plan of action. There is no template, no one size fits all. Your retirement is as unique to you as your fingerprint.

Here are a few things you may want to consider:

  • How are you going to fill your time now that you have endless amounts of it?
  • What's your transition plan from your work identity to the new one you get to create now that you're retired?
  • How do you plan to stay connected and relevant? (Without your work identity, you now have to find a new way to stay relevant. 
  • How are you going to handle the changes in your relationships? (Especially with your spouse now that you have more time together.)
  • What will you do to stay mentally and physically sharp?
  • What is your big WHY for jumping out of bed everyday filled with purpose and energy?

Plan, plan, plan! The more you've worked out in advance, the easier the transition will be.

If you don't plan, you will probably follow the well worn pattern of most retirees:

Stop working



Just do anything, desperate to fill your time



But maybe you already retired and it isn't going so well. Have you lost vibrancy, interest and challenge? Do you miss your professional status? After all those years of being busy and feeling important do you feel that loss of self worth, feeling like a nobody? It's not too late to put a plan in place reclaim yor retirement years as your best years. 

Or if your plan is to just keep working as long as possible to avoid retirement, you are missing out on one of the greatest opportunities ever. You can have a clean slate, a fresh start, a chance to try something totally new.


  • Waking up every morning excited and engaged - you can't wait to start your day.
  • You have accessed your potential and charged up your creativity.
  • You have a plan that handles uncertainty and allows you to relax and really enjoy your life.
  • While others worry about their health, money and uncertaintly, you are living vibrantly, using all your skills, talents and experiences to make a difference.

“The coaching Dhiresha provided was really beneficial in helping me focus at that time on what sorts of options I should consider during retirement, as well as how to invest time on what sorts of options I should consider during retirement. I can see the that the changes I'm experiencing have all been eased by the work with Dhiresha." Nick, retired Vice Dean of a medical school

Let me help you create a portfolio for your life alongside your financial portfolio so you can retire fully prepared, plan in place, and have a smooth transition to what can be your most rich, rewarding exciting time ever.